Thursday, March 13, 2014 Hungry for Voice Talent Jamee Thompson


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hungry for Voice Talent Jamee Thompson
Local Talent Voices First Marijuana Commercial to air on a “Major Network.”
Wilkesboro, NC—March 12, 2014Voice Actor Jamee Thompson goes viral with a new television campaign for Last week, Medical Cannabis Network announced they had secured a schedule with COMCAST systems in New Jersey to air what looks to be the first ever marijuana commercial on a “Major Network.” Many media outlets reported on the news, including NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, CNN, The Chelsea Handler Show, and many other local network affiliates. To date, the ad has over 617,000 views on YouTube® ( and features Thompson’s voiceover for the last 30 seconds of the commercial.
According to Jason Draizin, CEO and Founder of Medical Cannabis network, the campaign will “…expand in April to Massachusetts, and then to Chicago in April or May.” Further developments will be announced at a later date.
In addition to this most recent television commercial for, Jamee Thompson’s professional voiceover credits include national and regional voiceover productions such as Clean Wave Water Products, The Carolina Renaissance Festival & Artisan Market, Tampa Tire Pros, Action Automatic Door & Gate and Wake Forest University.
Female voice-over talent Jamee Thompson’s warm, comforting voice has been featured in radio and television commercials across her native California and across America.
The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, press only:

Contact:  Jamee Thompson

Phone:  336-566-9586

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The "Sneeze Scam" is ALIVE!

Wow. I just got the call from the Sneeze-creep.

He is calling himself David Cohen from Central Casting. He says he has a client who is a Dr's office specializing in allergies and is looking for a particular sneeze. Luckily, I had heard about him from Leslie Diamond's BlogBobbin Beam's Blog, and Voice Over Xtra. As soon as he mentioned the sneeze, I knew. I politely told "Mr. Cohen" that I had to call him back later.

What a creep!

I did a reverse phone lookup on the number he gave me. Here are the results.

In a weird way, I'm a little excited by his call. I've reached the point that the creeps have heard of me, the legit businesses can't be too far behind. Right?

Friday, August 13, 2010

So Many Ways To Get Here From There

This afternoon, I received a message from a potential client. He had some telephone messages for me to record. Yay!

How did this new client find me? It seems that I signed up for a message board/talent listing service called VoiceModels. I didn't even recall signing up. It must have been at least 2 years ago.

Nonetheless, I learned a valuable lesson.

Post your service everywhere! Why concentrate on only one service, when you can be listed on multiple sites at once?

I searched the Google Directory for Voice Over Production studios. There were 108. Looks like I have a new agency list to send auditions to.

Don't forget to be polite when dealing with production companies. They are usually busy and don't appreciate their inboxes being filled up with Megs and Megs of demos. Send a simple email introducing yourself and ask how and if they are accepting auditions. They will be happy to give you the information.

Just do it. What's the worst thing that can happen?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've made it?

This morning, I had an invitation in my mailbox.

C O N T I N E N T A L B R O A D C A S T I N G N E T W O R K I N C.


It is with great distinction that I inform you that as of July 27, 2010, you are requested to be debuted in the 2011 directory showcasing the WHO'S WHO of Worldclass business leaders.

Our forum is renowned by professionals and executives who express continuous knowledge, experience and achievement in their industry or profession.

On behalf of our members and staff, we wish you continued success.

Check In here to view profile:

After you emend your profile, find out Who's Missing.

John Preston
Vice President Member Services

Who's Who World Class Alliance
23 Briaroot Drive

Smithtown, NY 11787

T h i s i s a n a d v e r t i s e m e n t

I must admit, for half a second, I was impressed with myself. Then I decided to fire up Google Chrome and find out a little more about this "world class alliance."

What I found, was not good news for the alliance. Yet another internet scam. For the low-low price of $750 I can be included in their publication for LIFE! What a bargain, NOT.

So, unless you are in the practice of buying your friends, I would recommend NOT signing up for this "world class alliance." Instead, work on developing your own alliances with Social Media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They're all FREE.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Power of Social Networking

Today my network of peers in the voice industry came to my aid. I had some general business questions. Things like; "When should I get a separate checking account for my business? Is it time to form an LLC? I even reached out to a few friends to ask about some email follow up etiquette.

Normally, I would turn to Google for the answers. I would type in my question, and allow the internet to determine my fate. Then spend valuable time pouring over lists and list of possible answers, and deciding which I liked best.

Today was a busy day at my grown-up job. No time for WILFing! I had things to get done, and only so much time to do 'em. So I dashed a quick note off to my network of fellow Charlotte NC voice actors.

Within minutes, I had opinions of others who were actually doing the same type of business as I am. It was truly inspiring.

So what did I learn?

First, you are building a network of peers via social networking, so communicate with them! It's great to have 2,496 Facebook Friends, but do you really know them all? Maybe there is someone in your networking struggling with the exact same issue you are struggling with? Maybe they've just solved a similar problem? You will never know if you don't ask.

Second, ask your accountant about serious financial decisions. I probably have a long way to go (bringing in 10s of thousands of dollars per year) before I need to get an LLC, or a Business Checking account.

Finally, I learned to JUST ASK. When you ask a peer for advice, they will give you an answer. Even better, you might just have gained an actual friend.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Six Word Memoirs

Guess who got published?

Ok, about 1,000 people got published in the same book. But I'm still excited.

So I entered this contest put on by Smith Magazine about a year ago.

They are running a similar contest here.

In honor of book, I would love to hear your six-word-memoir.

Leave a comment. Maybe we'll have enough for our own book!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Procrastination Research? Sign me up!

Did you know there is actually a Procrastination Research Group? There is, and the group studies the causes and effects of procrastination on our well being.

The bottom line? It has a very real and negative effect on our lives. No surprise there.

But as solo professionals, our business and our lives are so closely connected. Procrastination directly affects our ability to earn income because we're solely responsible for it, no corporate pay check! That in turn diminishes the lifestyle we had in mind when we began our business.

I was actually procrastinating a bit in the writing of this article. I stopped several time to check email or surf off-topic websites during my research. Why?

  • First, I wasn't sure what exactly to write about, because procrastination is such a big topic.
  • Second, I knew it would take extra time to do the research before writing.

Bingo! After forcing myself into the research that's when I realized those two traits are described in much of what I reviewed.

Procrastination is rooted in two big areas: knowledge and demand.

The first area is knowledge. When something in our business directly challenges our level of knowledge, we feel threatened. The brain is wired to diminish threat and we focus our energies elsewhere, to less threatening tasks. That might be email, web surfing, letting the dog out, or checking on the laundry.

The second area is demand, and especially time demands. In today's world, we have a heightened awareness of productivity, but it's not always the right productivity. Many demands are imposed from the outside, and that can breed resentment and delay. Do you notice those demands also sap a lot of mental energy?

As solo professionals, a shift is needed in where we allow time demands to occur - from external demands to more quality internal demands. This means we choose where we spend our time, and ideally look forward to those tasks central to growing our businesses so we tackle them! And outsource the rest.

I now invite you to learn more by registering for a complimentary tele-summit, "Four Ways to Flourish for Solopreneurs," beginning 9/29/2009. It's free! All you need to do is register.

Learn from four well-known entrepreneurs on how to overcome behaviors like procrastination, self-doubt, distraction, and small thinking - things that can stop entrepreneurs in their tracks.

Even addressing one of these behaviors will make a difference in your business, and have a ripple effect on other areas of your life!