Thursday, September 10, 2009

Procrastination Research? Sign me up!

Did you know there is actually a Procrastination Research Group? There is, and the group studies the causes and effects of procrastination on our well being.

The bottom line? It has a very real and negative effect on our lives. No surprise there.

But as solo professionals, our business and our lives are so closely connected. Procrastination directly affects our ability to earn income because we're solely responsible for it, no corporate pay check! That in turn diminishes the lifestyle we had in mind when we began our business.

I was actually procrastinating a bit in the writing of this article. I stopped several time to check email or surf off-topic websites during my research. Why?

  • First, I wasn't sure what exactly to write about, because procrastination is such a big topic.
  • Second, I knew it would take extra time to do the research before writing.

Bingo! After forcing myself into the research that's when I realized those two traits are described in much of what I reviewed.

Procrastination is rooted in two big areas: knowledge and demand.

The first area is knowledge. When something in our business directly challenges our level of knowledge, we feel threatened. The brain is wired to diminish threat and we focus our energies elsewhere, to less threatening tasks. That might be email, web surfing, letting the dog out, or checking on the laundry.

The second area is demand, and especially time demands. In today's world, we have a heightened awareness of productivity, but it's not always the right productivity. Many demands are imposed from the outside, and that can breed resentment and delay. Do you notice those demands also sap a lot of mental energy?

As solo professionals, a shift is needed in where we allow time demands to occur - from external demands to more quality internal demands. This means we choose where we spend our time, and ideally look forward to those tasks central to growing our businesses so we tackle them! And outsource the rest.

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