Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Power of Social Networking

Today my network of peers in the voice industry came to my aid. I had some general business questions. Things like; "When should I get a separate checking account for my business? Is it time to form an LLC? I even reached out to a few friends to ask about some email follow up etiquette.

Normally, I would turn to Google for the answers. I would type in my question, and allow the internet to determine my fate. Then spend valuable time pouring over lists and list of possible answers, and deciding which I liked best.

Today was a busy day at my grown-up job. No time for WILFing! I had things to get done, and only so much time to do 'em. So I dashed a quick note off to my network of fellow Charlotte NC voice actors.

Within minutes, I had opinions of others who were actually doing the same type of business as I am. It was truly inspiring.

So what did I learn?

First, you are building a network of peers via social networking, so communicate with them! It's great to have 2,496 Facebook Friends, but do you really know them all? Maybe there is someone in your networking struggling with the exact same issue you are struggling with? Maybe they've just solved a similar problem? You will never know if you don't ask.

Second, ask your accountant about serious financial decisions. I probably have a long way to go (bringing in 10s of thousands of dollars per year) before I need to get an LLC, or a Business Checking account.

Finally, I learned to JUST ASK. When you ask a peer for advice, they will give you an answer. Even better, you might just have gained an actual friend.

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